Handle an Exhibition

I am a furniture traders who want to improve the results of trade goods. I am planning to make a furniture exhibition to promote our products for the public. My manager advice me to make it at a luxurious place in the city and he convicted  me that we can handle this better.  We should  do the best for our company and show to the public, that we are the best.

I begin to search everything we need to handle our exhibition.  I need in formations  about how to handle an exhibition, so I searched them on Internet.  I have found a site that inform about trade show displays,  the site wrote we need a truss to use on the stage, logo floor mats to display our company logo,  and exhibit booths.  We’re ready to run the event!

The people has attended our event. They come from everywhere in the country.  I was surprise that We can make them come and buy our products.

At the end of event, Our exhibition  have a lot of customers and they do make transactions, and buy our products, and what make us proud is our stand got the best performance and settlement reward. 

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