Banjir sekitar 30 cm yang terjadi di Karebosi Link pada tanggal 4 Nopember 2008 Malam membuat rugi banyak pihak. Nah silahkan saksikan video rekaman dari banjir tersebut; Karebosi Banjir

How to search google for RAPIDSHARE link

  • If you wanna find some apps, files etc on via google, do the following.Paste this into the google search window (not the adress bar): -filetype:zip OR rar daterange:2453402-2453412

  • this searches the site for any file that is rar or zip,band has been indexed between 1-11 February.

dvd -filetype:zip OR rar daterange:2453402-2453412

this is the same search but it specifically searches for "dvd" with the same search criteria, so any app posted with the word dvd in it will be found. There are mainly three criteria to keep in mind when doing this search.
  1. site: your site of choice to search
  2. filetype: filetypes you wanna search,if you put a "OR" after the first filetype you can add more.
  3. daterange: (start date-enddate)
* this uses the "julian calendar", converter can be found here:


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